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fielddrive Leads License Only

Standard rate: £240


fielddrive Leads – Extra License
Standard rate: £140

 (order main license first)

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Lead Retrieval Scanning Device
Standard rate: £140

Key Highlights:

  • Seamless lead scanning
  • In-depth lead analytics
  • Real-time lead data visibility
  • Online & offline operation modes
  • Immediate digital marketing material sharing
  • Powerful lead qualification tools
  • Custom lead qualifiers for high-value, business-specific leads
  • Contact us: support@fielddrive.com

Code of Conduct:
Please ensure when scanning badges with the app that:

  • You clearly ask for each delegate’s permission to get in touch after the event – this is a GDPR requirement.
  • You are on your exhibitor stand. No scanning is permitted in common areas of the venue.

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